New Patient
Regular Treatment

Re-Examination *

Pre-paid course (6 Treatments)     SAVE 5%
Pre-paid course (8 Treatments)     SAVE 10%
Pre-paid course (12 Treatments)   SAVE 15%
£52 (adult)
£36 (adult)

£46 (adult)

£205 (adult)
£260 (adult)
£365 (adult)
£42 (under 16)
£29 (under 16)

£39 (under 16)

£165 (under 16)
£210 (under 16)
£295 (under 16)
* Re-Examinations are for patients who have been registered with our chiropractors as new patients before but have not had any chiropractic treatment with us within the last 12 months. This session includes a re-assessment followed by a routine treatment.

* Treatment packages are not suitable for everyone. The majority of our patients pay for each session as they go along. The treatment packages may be used for some patients whose presenting condition is commonly known to take time and a course of treatment to resolve. Others who may benefit from the treatment packages are those who have experience with chiropractic care and chose to have on-going periodic treatment as part of their general musculoskeletal well-being and function. 
Other Therapies & Treatments

Please call (01225) 791337 for the latest prices regarding all our other therapies available.
If you have private medical insurance e.g Bupa, PPP etc they often cover a certain amount of chiropractic treatment. If you plan to use any cover you have then please contact them as early as possible to find out the details of your policy regarding the amount they will pay and/or the number of sessions they will cover.

With Bupa, you need a GP referral in order to gain a pre-authorisation number, which is required BEFORE you start having any treatment. Any chiropractic treatments that have been done prior to obtaining your GP referral and receiving your pre-authorisation number, will not be covered and paid for.

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